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Feedback From Members

I joined about 6 weeks ago.

Love so many of the models...Trinity (OMFG!, more of her legs please), Amberly, Giselle, Jade, Molly (my all-time fave), Erika and Jazz come to mind.

Thanks and keep up the great work!



Hi John,
Yes the photos on wus, superb.
The photographer and the model totally in sync with each other.
Seeing photos such as these make me proud to be a footman.
Such a wonderful surprise to find.
They are art.

Many thanks,

Best wishes,


Hello!!! I'd like to ask you if you will do some lesbian stuff with the model Alice.... I love her and her wonderful tongue....
Best wishes for your site.... the best site in the world!!

Thanks for posting that video of franchesca!! That was an amazing video of her wrinkles!! I can't wait to see what other future updates and models you're gonna post. Footpixies is the greatest foot fetish site on the net!!

Hello I'm a ongoing customer off and on since 2002 10 years,  I just want to tell you that this web site is awesome period.  It good to see that Osias is back she has very high arches similiar to Silva year back.  I would like to know if you could add more pictures of her on the floor pose not on the bed which is great!!!, but sitting on her heels on the floor showing her bares soles pointing her toes like Silva.  That why I am ongoing customer because you know how to take photo of women with high aches ( ballet or rhythmic gymnatics style). also is there anyway you for current members to see the old achive photo of high aches like LEVI and asian Docli she has very very like aches.  thank you for your site is great!  Could you let me know please regarding the achive when you not busy thank you.
current member
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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