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A member wrote in about HerBareThroat:

As a recent member I want to say THANK YOU for the amazing content at herbarethroat.
Felicity is a treasure and I hope to see more of her and
her lovely throat. As a huge female neck fan it's hard to find quality
content... but your site delivers. The videos are breathtaking and very
tastefully done. I also appreciate the image galleries which are full
of artistic and beautifully crisp images. Please keep up the great
work. And again, my thanks!

On 5/22/12 8:39 AM, FootPixies webmaster wrote:
You are most welcome..
Sorry it took me a few days to write back..but when I saw your email, I was
very happy.
The bare throat site took off as a result of a series of custom videos.
Then I started noticing just how hot the models looked showing their throats
and viola...! A new site was born. I dont know of any other site that focuses on the
throat as Herbarethroat does.
I am very happy with the direction it is going and I love the photos and
video as much as you do..
thank you so much for your support...
you have made my month..

It was great to hear from you! I'm so glad that someone like you with
the talent and technical prowess has focused on such a beautiful part of
the female body. I help moderate a forum online specifically for folks
who share this interest and there are more of us out there than I would
have ever dreamed of when I was kid in middle school wondering why I was
so drawn to certain images! I'm very thankful for an awesome site like
Please keep up the great work! I'm really enjoying my time on your site
and will sign up again in the future when I am able. Best wishes!

FootPixies webmaster wrote:

its all about symetry and parts that mimic other things in nature..the S curve
The female throat also has a sense of vulnerability. That, combined with
soft symetry..make the shot...