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Kali Jackson Black Stage Dance

January 23, 2018
Kali Jackson

"Black Stage Dance"
Category: DANCING
HD 1280X720
Time 5:19

Here is a sweet video of a model named Kali Jackson she is like 4' 10" full of energy and a little firecracker. I remember thinking when she walked into the studio that I wouldn't want to mess with her that I wouldn't want to get on her bad side. A little girl like that intimidating me. lol It was interesting. Anyway she didn't want to do like full nude and stuff which is cool Well here she is on the black stage showing off this tight little body, her pointed toes her bare bum and that beautiful flexible athletic body I hope you like it, I do, she is a little sweetheart. Category: DANCING


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Karyna "Just Like That"

January 17, 2018

"Just Like That"
WMV 640x480
Time 31:37

Karyna came over for another shoot, and I've never seen a model love to get her feet worshiped so much. Add that to the fact that Karyna has about the most beautiful feet I've ever seen, she has ridiculously high arches, gorgeous toes and beautiful skin. Well, she tells me to go to work on her feet, she has them all in my face and I'm kissing her feet sucking her toes. Then she lies back on her face so you can't see exactly what I'm doing, but you can tell by her reaction. What's going on? This clip goes on with the camera on her face, and she's enjoying every second of it


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Ophelia Leg Art

January 11, 2018

"Leg Art"
HD 1280x720

Time 12:30
I love this clip of Ophelia, she has beautiful pointed toes, which she poses perfectly. So here we have her all naked and exposed pointing her toes with open legs, just inviting you. Don't keep her waiting she's all yours.

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Tarynn Shower Dance HD 1280x720

January 5, 2018

"Shower Dance"
HD 1280x720

Time 12:30
Tarynn gets naked in the shower and shows me some of her hot moves. She has hips like I have never seen. Her long, lean body moves to the music and you just take it all in..your hypnotized!